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Recruiting All Races and Levels
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Gnomeregan (PvE)

All of us here in ALPHA DOG are here to have fun and work together as a team. Please remember to be helpful and respectful both in guild chat and anywhere else. Remember that you carry the ALPHA DOG name above your head at all times. Please conduct yourself throughout the game that will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. With that, we have some rules and guidelines: Be kind and courteous throughout the game while amongst guildies and pugging around. It means a lot to have people respect the player and the guild. It will go far for you and the guild as a whole.

Please read the Guild Rules and familiarize yourself with the website.

General Attitude:

Don't be a jerk, be respectful of your fellow guildies. No snide comments about peoples' gear in guild chat. If you see something that bothers you, whisper an officer about it. No putting guildies on ignore. Ever.

Questing and Leveling:

If you need quest help or assistance ask! But this doesn't mean pester, or send a tell to just one person. Be courteous.

The best ways to get quest help or instance assistance is to ask a few people if they are going to be free and if they could help you with something in game.

Understand that everyone is on different time tables, or have different things going on. Guildies aren't always going to be able to drop everything they are doing the instant you ask for help. But we all like to help each other within reason.

Setting up raid times ahead of time is usually the best way to get the help you need as it allows people to offer their assistance during a time period they can set aside.

Also, speak with other guild members around your level, they most likely have similar quests or can help you get them done. This does not mean that higher level guildies will not help you, but there is nothing more satisfying then triumphing and completing a quest or an event using your own cunning and might!

Again the biggest one is ASK FOR HELP!!! It is difficult for officers in guild and even some of us regular members to keep track of everything that any one guild member is doing, if you don't make the proper attempts to get help it's likely that no one will even be aware that you needed help. Personally I have trouble even remembering half the things I do or need to get done :( so I'm almost certain that most others wont be aware that you need things at times unless you make it known and put forth the effort to get help within the guild.

Guildies are here to help, to have people you can feel comfortable grouping and raiding with, and most importantly to have people to talk to if you just flat out need people to talk with, about game stuff or real life stuff.

That being said we DO NOT encourage power leveling people through instances, especially first time levelers in a class. There is a learning curve involved in this game and many of those experiences are learned through running instances and questing in level appropriate groups!

This is not to say that higher levels are restricted from and shouldn't help lower levels, as you are free to do so, but we ask that we also don't overdose on it either :)

Instance Runthroughs:

Please don't ask for them and please don't give them. It isn't because we are lazy or selfish or hate you, it is really for your own good. If people are run through instances, they hit 80 and don't know how to play their class and have trouble getting groups and getting into raids. This goes for alts as well, just because you leveled a mage to 80 doesn't mean that you'll know the mechanics of playing a rogue in a group.

If you are making a twink I'm sure your friends will give you a hand to get gear but please don't beg for runs.

Don't ask don't tell:

We don't care about your sexual preferences just keep them to yourself. I don't need to know yours and you don't need to know mine. Sure people joke around and stuff but try not to take things too far... Remember there are kids in the guild too.


Plain and simple... DON'T

Keep your toons active:

Inactive toons will be removed from the guild after 2 months unless prior arrangements have been made.

We request that if you have multiple alts guilded to please edit your player note.

Most Importantly:


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